Emma Gray

Who Am I?

My name is Emma Gray, and I provide simple media solutions for brands, businesses and bloggers just like you.

If you need social media management, social media marketing, copywriting, email marketing or content marketing then this is the company for you.

I am a social media and content specialist, and for the past eight years I’ve been working with many clients across various industries using social media, websites and emails to grow their brands. These can be incredibly powerful tools when used correctly and with purpose and I love helping clients to see that.

I have an honours degree in English Literature from the prestigious University of Glasgow, which allows me to craft content for my client’s blogs, newsletters, social media networks and website copy.

I love helping clients with their website copy and seeing their confidence soar as they attract their ideal clients with clear, concise copy that converts.

I’m here to ease your social media content and copy woes so that you can focus on the things that you’re best at in your business and stop wasting time staring at a blank screen hoping that the right words will come to you.

“Digital is the core of every integrated campaign. It’s simply too powerful and offers up too many tools to play an incidental role any more.” 

Dan Buczaczer

Emma’s Skills

Emma began her love of working professionally with social media when she started using it as a marketing technique for her travel blog, Emma’s Travel Tales.

She embarked upon courses, read countless books and became fascinated with the potential power of social media for brands and businesses.

Emma has been managing social media accounts for many different clients across various industries for the past five years. She’s worked with small accounting firms, music producers, travel companies, branding experts, packaging companies, retailers and many more.

Due to her years of experience in the industry, and her genuine love for using social media for business, Emma is able to create engaging content that will help grow your follower numbers and allow you to reach more potential customers.

Emma’s honours degree in English Literature has given her an excellent foundation for expertly crafting written content for her clients.

Together with her six years experience writing for clients across many different industries, Emma is able to create content that readers enjoy, and that concisely conveys the message the brand intends.

All work Emma completes is free from errors, grammatically correct and uses a wide range of vocabulary.

Emma is able to convey many different tones through her writing, which allows her to craft it towards email newsletters, website content, blogs and more.

Emma has been working with clients for the past seven years to assist and manage social media, content creation and other various forms of digital marketing.

She has a passion for all things digital media and constantly keeps up to date with the ever-changing world of online media. If there’s a trend, new algorithm, or update in the digital sphere then Emma will know about it and use her knowledge to get the best results for you or your brand.

Emma has been delighted to have been a part of award-winning media campaigns in the past and constantly strives to use her experience to provide superb service for all of her clients.

Making Media Simple was formed in 2015 to combine all of Emma’s skills and offer bespoke and unique packages to digital-savvy brands and businesses.

  • You’ll only deal with a dedicated member of the team who knows your brand inside out
  • Your brand guidelines will be followed and adhered to in all content created
  • Weekly or monthly statistics and reports tailored to your brand or business
  • Every business is treated individually and all packages are entirely bespoke
  • We’re hard-working, enthusiastic and love a challenge. We’ll go the extra mile to ensure your success
  • Every action we take is designed to bring you closer to your business goals
  • Round-the-clock support because we care about your brand as much as you do

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur” — Red Adair 

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